Home Renovation Adventures: A New Kitchen for 45 Henry


Living in a home while renovations are underway is a reality for a lot of homeowners. This is definitely the case for the owners at 45 Henry. Practically no part of their home in the Heights has been left untouched. Jon and Nadéne are quite talented in their trades and together stripped their kitchen down to the studs before building it all back together. All photos © Jon Beer



As the living room/kitchen combo was slowly put back together, the couple also painted their own kitchen cabinets and refinished the hardwood floors. As Jon said at this stage, “Lots of hard dirty work but it’s finally paying off!!”



After “two long long lonnnnnnggg months” they finally got a kitchen. Just in time for Jon to make his famous Pad See Yew.


As if all the work they did wasn’t amazing enough, they also designed and built a carrera marble island. It seems their cat approves.



Next on the list is creating custom cabinet and molds that will go under the eave storage space in their kitchen.


Here Jon is testing the fit of the bottom molding without the euro glides. The door will open outwards.


You’ve come such a far way! I can’t wait see what the kitchen and living room look like when they are completely done. Bravo Jon and Nadéne! All photos (c) Jon Beer.

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  • What a transition! The marble island is a really nice touch. You can tell that a lot of hard work went into this. Great job, guys!

  • Love what you did with your new kitchen. One question I have is how did your cat handle all of the construction? My cat would freak out for a few weeks if I did anything like this in my home. Anyway thank you for sharing your kitchen renovation photos.

  • such a great effort you have done with your kitchen your kitchen looks very beautiful and you manage each and everything in a very decent way I really appreciate your hard work and design.