Real Estate: 84 Clinton St $65,000

84 Clinton St Newburgh NY

This is an understated multi-family property that is just around the corner from Newburgh’s opulent homes and mansions. The only downfall is the shell across the street of a warehouse that burned down. Looking at different listings I get different information. It seems this was the original Girl Scout building. One listing says that there is some warehouse space available, another says they are just apartments with exposed brick. Either way, for this price you know that there will be a ton of work involved, but for over 5,000 square feet of space this is worth a look. Units could probably be combined if you are looking for your own huge work/live space. Sorry, no interior photos.

84 Clinton St Newburgh NY (John J Lease)
Asking Price: $65,000
Year Built: 1960
Size: 5,336 sq ft
Taxes:  $8,227
Neighborhood: MGL
Distance to NYC: 57.9 mi, 1 hour 2 mins
Public Transportation: MetroNorth to Beacon, then take ferry, Transit Orange Bus Service
Closest Roadways: 9W, I-87, I-84
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  • I seen part of this house 2 months ago, the first floor (vacant office space) and the basement with original hand hewn beams. Couldn’t see the rest due to owner not having access plus 2 pitbulls…..
    This property along with two others, were purchased from a bank. While the outside seems to be in good condition, the interior will need tons of work. The number of windows alone is a hefty price tag. This building does have a lot of history although am not sure about the girl scouts. I did do some research on it and it is on Newburgh’s heritage sites, #17:

    This would be an amazing restoration, if it wasn’t for the shell across the street.

  • How are the views of the river becuase its in that neighborhood? What money comes from Newburgh’s landbank for this rebuild??

    • Although I was not able to get into the upstairs, I do not think there are any river views from this house. Not sure about the land bank, but I do not think as a homeowner one would qualify for anything (but do not quote me). A 203K loan is a possibility. This would make for an ideal work and live situation, plus additional income from rentals. If it is still owned by the investors who bought it from the bank, there is plenty of room for negotiation. The marble girl scouts plaque on front façade is just awesome!


  • Was in this house last week – June 1/15, saw 2 of the 3 apartments, downstairs, upstairs and basement. This is truly a gut reno with lots of mechanicals missing, although it looks like central air was added recently. You can see the river a bit but definitely not a ‘river view’ home. Too far away. Would make a beautiful modern place, the ceilings are VERY high, possibly 11 or 12 feet. Large and open floorplan. Huge (damp) basement.

    • I agree, this would be an amazing space with the high ceilings and so many windows for natural light. basement could be a wine cellar…..
      So the big question: once fixed up, what’s it worth?

      • It would be worth only what you could get someone to pay for it. That’s almost always true but especially true of Newburgh. If you want something in Newburgh its best to plan on keeping it as you may not find anyone willing to take it at any price.

        • According to Madeleine Fletcher, no Land Bank money is available for this location in City of Newburgh. I asked. Also, no Lank Bank money available for Grand Street locations OR for the Liberty Street and Clinton Street corner where there are 16 row houses being used as an open campground with fireside unregulated restaurants and then there is the block south which is another 8 historic homes and a Habitat homes area where a resident told me the Spanish speaking gangs moved into the Habitat houses. Charming. Also no enforcement of laws concerning zoning codes or historical exteriors (how can a chain link fence with barbed wire be historical?????) or horrid replacement vinyl windows and Loews style front doors. Garbage cans–none with lids. A deli that is filthy with no health department inspections. This condition is because that area is left alone. It is gang-controlled. They own it. I hope the non-profit person who buys 84 Clinton is ready to do battle. And bring cash. Plenty of cash. Yet there will be no real estate taxes paid. I imagine that it will be a storefront church with an ex-prisoners non-profit work program/drug rehab that provides information inspirational community talks and marketing for empowerment.

  • On Facebook someone said this property was bought already

  • Rats! I was hoping to take a look!

    • Don’t worry–there are plenty more properties with rats available.

      • Classic!!! You made me laugh!

        • I remember moving back to NYC in 1982 and taking a driving tour of Williamsburg and Hoboken which were featured in the NYT as up and coming neighborhoods.
          We could not see any obvious good sections of either place.
          City of Newburgh is like that.

          What you see is all you are going to get.

          Why would anyone in their right mind invest in a BOMB BLAST ZONE?
          Ever notice the for sale signs along the river in Balmville? People are leaving not coming.

          Stay on the other side of the river–pay a little more to be in a place where the real estate market is not all cash and where the City is not the definition of “a basket case”.

  • According to John Nutt’s history of Newburgh, the structure at 84 Clinton Street was built as a schoolhouse in 1848-1849, enlarged in 1870. That would account for its rather dignified (albeit modest) facade. In its role as a public school it was variously known as “the Glebe School”, “the Clinton Street School”, “Public School No. 4”, and, by 1891, “the Manual Training School.”

  • I have seen the whole thing. Its an amazing building. Its going to take a lot to bring it up to speed (contractor says 250k) I think the two apartments towards the back of the building look better than the front, but they a filled with dog poop, i am not kidding you cannot breath in there. From what I understand the floors would have to be removed in order to get rid of the smell. I have pictures.

  • 84 Clinton Street is indeed an amazing place and it will remain so for new sets of reasons once renovated. What it lacks in appointments, it more than makes up for in conviviality, natural light and scale. The block needs improvement too but I thought the point of moving to Newburgh for us “newbies” is to make it a better place: one house at a time, one block at a time, and one street at a time. You can bet there is a lot of work to do at the Glebe/Girl Scout House! And I hope I’ll have supportive neighbours around me to facilitate the transformation of the building and its precinct. As things evolve, I’ll write again.

  • That pile of dog shit in there is not getting any nicer as the months go by.

    • Oh, be positive…. that pile of dog sh.. will dry up over time and will be easier to clean up. It’s the sh.. outside one needs to worry about 😉

    • You poor thing…your comment is reflective of a sad angry person. Do you do anything to make life and your community better? Or do you you just grouse at the fact that you don’t have the capability to even see things differently?