Home Renovation Adventures: Jon and Nadéne’s New Art Studio


Since buying their home at 45 Henry, Jon and Nadéne have been doing all sorts of projects in their home. One fun project is creating their very own art studio. It was used as a basement apartment in another life.

This is what 70 sheets of Sheetrock hauled down the basement stairs looks like.


The pink was the kitchen and mustard a living room in the basement apartment.

Progress in the studio! Almost ready for joint compound and paint!



And this is what the space looks like today. It’s a simple space, perfect for what they need – white walls and a lot of open space. Recently, Jon just had a 2 week show at Tripoli Gallery in Southampton. Congratulations!

Newburgh Studio 2015_03


Have your own home renovation adventures in the City of Newburgh that you would like to share? Your own before and after? Email me!

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  • I posted in the forum a few weeks ago about looking for a pet friendly rental in Newburgh. I’m quite happy to report that I found such a place, and quite a beautiful place, with Jon and Nadene at 45 Henry. Lovely house, lovely apartment, beautifully restored so far. A very awesome outcome to my search.

    I really love the neighborhood, as do my dogs, who I walk along the bluff on Bayview Terrace everyday.

    Very happy to be here finally, Newburgh.

    • welcome to the neighborhood. come visit Rocky the dog on the house at the corner by the bluff and say hello to Bruno (owner) one of these days!