May 2015 City Owned Property List

The City of Newburgh has published its May 2015 property list. Most properties are vacant or abandoned like this one above at 326 Liberty Street, also known as Weigand Tavern (also spelled Weygant). The minimum purchase price for this property is $2,440.

According to the City Historian,

“The building now at 326 Liberty St. has been inspected in recent years by the state office of historic preservation and declared to have none of its 18th century fabric. It was used from about 1780 through 1960 as a tavern, hotel, store, meeting room, private home. It’s longest resident from the 1910’s through 1940’s was a blacksmith named John Clydesdale.”

Buying a city-owned property comes with challenges. If you would like help, consult this guide made by city residents: Helpful Notes to buy Newburgh city owned property.

Photo: A.J. Schenkman