71 Liberty Facade

71 Liberty Newburgh

Have you seen the updates being made to 71 Liberty lately? It looks phenomenal. Imagine if all the adjoining properties could be restored like this? We are all looking forward to seeing the new business that will move in soon.

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  • ‘They’ are looking into that…”One of the key resistance(s) for radical change in our community may be our very own tax policies.”
    http://newburghny.swagit.com/play/06152015-1114 (item 6B, starts @ 1:20 in)
    I’m curious as to the formula used by the said “mathematician” when calculating $79.5mil. in current debt and another $102mil. in unfunded ‘to do’ items.

    • Once again all this new energy is great to see but unfortunately you’re correct. In 5 years there will be the next shake-out when these people (sharing their before and after photos for the assessor to salivate about) are taxed to the hilt. The quality of people running for office is more dismal than ever- and they’re all Democrats- which means they have no intention of ever cutting taxes. As I’ve said before, even if the city succeeds in getting our 700 vacant buildings back on the tax roles, the increase in tax revenue will be used for a long list of untended needs that have built up over decades- NOT decreasing taxes. Our real estate is cheap for a reason. It’s going to be sad to see some of these new people coming to the realization that they weren’t pioneers after all.