Weekly Link Roundup

Newburgh for Newcomers

The weekly link roundup is a collection of links related to Newburgh, revitalization, urban planning and anything else that might inspire change or create dialogue. Photo of Newburgh for Newcomers event by Joshua Brown.

Illuminated Festival lights up downtown Newburgh [THR]
Volunteers, Illuminated Festival bringing hope to Newburgh [THR]
Matthew Colon: City tells its own story through its diversity [THR]
Newburgh ‘urban farm’ program helps kids grow, sell fresh veggies [THR]
The Plaza: What is required for a community living room? [Place Makers]
Why cities need to get smarter about property taxes [Center for Community Progress]
Small urban developers movement picks up steam [Better! Cities & Towns]
How to Revive America’s Neglected Local Cemeteries [City Lab]

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One Comment

  • “Clean-up on aisle eight !” Wow, let’s just circumvent the ’causes’ and get to the relative ‘effects’ as per foreclosures, delinquencies etc. We wouldn’t want to challenge the progressives, besides, they’re too busy deciding one person’s “hardship” relative to another. So, let’s turn the fraudulent ponzi known as property taxes into a class warfare issue. Not surprised, if it had a symbolic flag it would be banned. Property taxes, being deemed under utilized by tptb, are being turned into a wealth tax. However, to exploit this “effective program” it must be made “equitable” and “efficient”. Their solution…redistribution. Enter the spin…’income inequality’. Fail. When the ‘equitable’ taxes collected fall short of projections and expenses the “coalition” will find themselves in the same predicament as those at the onset. The premise that “property tax problems are a root cause of every aspect of distress…” will be realized as a false dilemma served up as a distraction to having “lost our leverage point” on the much larger economy. In the duration, our money will be taken without consideration to be pooled with ‘projected revenues and expensed as such. I’d suggest replacing property taxes with usage fees but that is still no defense against any ‘fairness doctrine’.
    -The Plaza, I could see one in the lower Broadway area, not as large as those cited in the article. Level the current P.D. building and instead use satellite locations through out the city. Then there’s the fire dept. … .
    Thinking about it…there’s a lot of real estate that’s misallocated imo. Such is such.
    -Cemetery dogs…I’m not seeing it happening in the ‘Burgh.
    Thanks for the reads Cher…