My Lucky Noodle Food Truck Coming to Newburgh


The Newburgh Illuminated Festival drew in many food trucks to Newburgh thanks to a lot of hard work. My Lucky Noodle Food Truck was one of the food trucks present and they loved Newburgh! Now they will have a home in the city at Atlas Industries, 11 Spring Street. Hours will be 11:00am to 3:00pm. They are two Culinary Institute of America chefs, and one teaches Southeast Asian cuisine. Such a treat for Newburgh!

Atlas Industries is the perfect spot, as their studio spaces are filling up with new artists, manufacturers, and more. All of those workers get hungry. Check out the menu below.

Lucky Noodle Newburgh

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  • Nice turnout today..And it’s not just ANY food truck, the owner teaches at the Culinary institute and designed a specific vegan-oriented menu! The cool Soba noodle dish was a great idea for a hot Summer day. (I’ve dubbed it the stone cold soba dish)..the spring rolls were also a real treat.

    Definitely a great addition to the growing food scene in Newburgh..all thanks to the Newburgh Illuminated win they experienced, and the great followup by Land Bank ED Madeline Fletcher.

    Thanks for a great meal today, Mike!

  • Thanks Hannah – and to everyone who made us feel so welcome today, what a great community! We’re really REALLY excited to be part it.

    We will be there this week to test the waters and will return and STAY for as long as the noodle lovers support us.

    Slurp On,


  • Lucky Noodle–Lucky Us! So looking forward to trying everything on the menu!
    Question for the owners: Are the 11-3 hours just for week days or are you open on the weekends, too?

    • Mike said:

      “Thanks for asking.
      We have committed to be there everyday this week, Monday-Friday.
      If the momentum continues to build and we have as much support as we did yesterday, I think we’ve found our Home and will be a regular fixture at 11 Spring Street. So let everyone know that their support is our reason to be in Newburgh!
      M-F 11:30-3:00 is the current plan
      Also available for festivals and civic or private events.
      See you today, I hope.”

  • + 1000. The shift to consolidated urban living doesn’t apply exclusively to how or where we reside. I think more small businesses should and will take an alternative approach to biz while redefining ‘ROI’. Why have your labors exponentially confiscated and redistributed anymore.