Weekly Link Round Up


Photo by NR Flickr user Brian Wolfe. The weekly link roundup is a collection of links related to Newburgh, revitalization, urban planning and anything else that might inspire change or create dialogue.

Newburgh industrial site cleaned up, DEC says [THR]
Tacos Ticos Opens New Location at Waterfront [HV Press]
The Hudson-Fulton Celebration of 1909 Documentary [WMHT]
What Do the Poor Need? Try Asking Them [NYT]
How Urban Designers Can Get Smaller Cities Walking [City Lab]

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  • “We milk every cow.” (from the NYT piece). Yes…and it’s Not because you “asked”.
    It’ll be interesting how this Houston success story holds up at $40 wti oil.

    • Are you optimistic about anything, Walt?

      • ‘Er, I actually live in Newburgh John. Do I strike you as a person that sticks around out of necessity? But that’s not really what your asking, rather stating. So “allow me to retort”. Btw, my Lillian’s Diner comment is also a Tarantino line if you missed it. Anyway, all of my comments provide a legitimate reference tied to the read, either specifically or in an abstract way via a clip or a quote. Understand my comments, as I’m bullish on the new City manager, police chief, Broadway/Liberty St. Plaza, new entrepreneurship and even railway shipping. Yes, I often express a rebuttal to what I think is a less than adequate rationale. We’re fortunate that Cher provides an open forum to do so. If my critical thinking is a buzz kill don’t read into it, otherwise I look froward to reading your or anyone’s thoughts. As the proposed Plaza is a nod toward democracy in the old sense, I’m ‘optimistic’ that there will be some controversial events and showings. It’s stimulating, no? Or perhaps the current ‘Protest Zones’ by approval and fee is preferable to some. I’m beginning to wonder. For what it’s worth, I’ve never called any one out for having their rose colored wearing head stuck in the sand. It’s not my style ; )
        That said, I’ll leave this before I return to obscurity…
        “Part of that strategy was focusing on having good public spaces that invite people to be outside as much as possible, because it’s important for the safety of the city and social inclusion and democracy.” http://metropolismag.com/Point-of-View/August-2015/Q-A-Jan-Gehl-on-Making-Cities-Healthier-Densifying-Societies-and-the-Real-Meaning-of-Architecture/