New Proposal for Housing and Commercial Use of Regal Bag Building


Revived mixed use plans for the Regal Bag building were presented at the city council meeting last Thursday according to the Mid Hudson News. The plans call for 108 rental units as well as commercial and retail space, as well as the development of 2 lots. Plans had first surfaced in 2010 with the project promising approximately $2 million dollars to the city’s tax base. However, hard economic times pushed plans back and it almost seemed the project was forgotten – until now. The building is part of Newburgh’s industrial past:

“Regal Bag was built in the 1830’s as Newburgh Steam Mills, manufacturing cloth. Later the building housed Coldwell Lawnmower Co., and and a pocketbook factory. It is listed in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not as the only building that has its main entrance on the 6th floor.”

Quite a few artists have spaces in the building. I have no knowledge of whether or not they will be able to stay. Many view this project as an opportunity to develop the north end of Newburgh’s waterfront. What remains to be seen is how eastern and western sides of Water Street can be united.

-Photo  of Regal Bag Building by John Leighton

One Comment

  • There are many variables to this project which the developer is being forthright about (a plus in and of itself). It’s interesting to note that the project is presented as “market rate’ units and developer funded. Also noticeable is the lack of any “bomb train” meme. All pluses imo. From my PM experience, an “issue” becomes a non sequitur when related to $s and ‘sense’. That’s a good point as per linking west to east that I haven’t heard discussed. I’ve read of walkways added alongside railways in similar scenarios. However, given Newburgh’s current financial condition and past history of hopium infused plans, it’s tough to justify the cost of another concept. Here’s the work session discussion… (item 4a)
    Also discussed is the issue you brought up, Cher, regarding the existing artists tenants.