Bluestone on Liberty Street Torn Up and Replaced with Concrete

Liberty Stone 2

I’ve dedicated a few posts to the importance of restoring and preserving Newburgh’s bluestone sidewalks. It’s a shame to then find out that bluestone on Liberty Street is being torn out, only to replaced with concrete – an incomparable replacement. There’s no need to break it apart when this 100 year old stone can be set back in place. This was the following tip I received:

Newburgh peeps – Central Hudson is replacing the gas lines on Liberty Street, which is wonderful & necessary, but at the same time they are tearing up the blue stone and carelessly replace it with concrete… Anyone who cares about our beautiful city, please call the city manager with your concerns 845-569-7301. It can also be brought up at tonight’s city council meeting.

-Photos are by Oren Cohen

Liberty Stone 1

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  • thanks for putting this up here… I’m going to the City Hall meeting tonight to bring up the issue. How is it possible that people receive grants to repair their bluestone sidewalks and Central Hudson –or their contractors– tear them up with no regard!?

  • The bluestone in front of 276 was broken up in several places as shown in photo above. Workers carelessly removed it breaking it to pieces in some spots and drove an enormous earthmover tractor over one area (see result above) then tried to put it back haphazardly–broken and uneven. In front of 276 it was NOT replaced with cement just smashed up by careless sloppy work. I cannot speak for other houses though- not sure what happened on other properties or whether cement was used elsewhere.

  • Central Hudson must provide more oversight and instruction. Workers should respect the city property.

  • That’s CH. This will be the narrative…”we did not have specific instructions”, “our contractors…”, “an unfortunate case of miscommunication”, “blah,blah,blah”. In general, this “not my responsibility” attitude has become prevalent and is perpetuated by an all too common by-standing pacific attitude. Aside, shouldn’t this work require Arch Board approval? Was it a case of choosing the lowest cost alternative ? You can’t tell me that from this project’s inception to its actualization not one person had enough balls or, as a collective, synapses firing to say “wtf, this ain’t cool” ? Sad.

  • Anyone concerned about the sidewalk bluestone destruction and replacement with concrete should call Central Hudson’s office and complain as well to city hall. The city should be up in arms and demand the removal of the concrete and restore the damaged bluestone. The stupidity of removing bluestone and replacing it with short-lived concrete, especially in our historic district, is outrageous!

  • Considering that NYS DOT did a complete re-do of South Street where they took up the sidewalk bluestone and then put it back, in tact, and better than it was in some places, they also put in ADA compliant features at corners. It is just reckless what Central Hudson does throughout this city. They tear up our streets and then don’t properly patch them or put them back the way they were. Now they are taking up bluestone and not putting it back!! Liberty Street was also one of the last streets with original brick street so that is probably been destroyed too.
    Sidewalks in this city are a responsibility of the property owner. So therefore all those owners are responsible for the mess that Central Hudson is leaving behind. Wouldn’t be surprised if CC comes by and cites the property owners them for sidewalk issues. Yes, it is nice that CH is replacing the infrastructure, but it should and can be done better.
    The City, specifically DPW is supposed to be notified and coordinate the work being done. CH probably notified them the day they started.

    • The ARC has the power to act here. If you don’t know your powers, look them up. It is a state agency. Instead of bickering about too many colors or not enough colors for people painting their houses- without any effort to educate them about what is appropriate and why- concentrate on what really matters. Do the job or pass it on to someone who will.