Free Original 1940’s Diner

If you are a lover of 1940’s architecture and old railroad car diners, this might be an opportunity for you. The owner of the old Lilian’s Family Diner on the corner of 9W and Dickson Street is giving it away for FREE to anyone that can transport the structure on their own. You will also have to create a new foundation, which the owner says is not that difficult.

The interior has been gutted and turned into office/storage space. However, the original facade was recently recovered when a brick layer was removed. The owner is not sure, but believes there is a possibility that this might be a Paramount diner. There definitely are similarities in the glass blocks used on the corners.

It would be wonderful if the diner could be restored and placed on an empty lot in the City of Newburgh. What empty lot could you imagine it on? If a taker is not found, the diner might have to be leveled as the land is needed. That would be such a shame.

If you are interested, please contact Fred Visconti 845-562-4040

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