Road Repairs on Mill and William Street


Councilwoman Karen Mejia posted on her blog, Newburgh Ward 1, that road upgrades are being made to Mill and William Streets as part of the Mill and Fill program. Mejia said these streets “were in worse conditions that some of the streets in other countries that I’ve visited. Happy to announce that Mill Street is looking and feeling very different.”

Photo by Karen Mejia

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  • Do you know if this means that they’re going to blacktop over the brick on William or actually do repairs to the existing street?

    I mean, at this point it’s an improvement either way since William is in extremely terrible shape, but I’m just wondering if it’s actually cheaper to just re-brick the portions of the street that are in disrepair. I don’t want it to end up looking like Liberty where they just messily spewed blacktop in the center of the street, leaving unpaved edges where cars park and an ugly looking road in general.

  • Skim coat the street from curb to curb. I’m assuming that the infrastructure below ground passed evaluation on these two streets. Say yes. Wards 1 & 2 taxpayers should be ecstatic as improvements, be it infrastructure or properties, have an inverse relationship with their assessment values. What’s up with that? Imo, Fullerton Ave. should be next as most perspective newcomers usually cruise past the high schools. Too bad ward’s 4 rep is “being kept out of the loop” (eye roll), otherwise these issues might be obvious. None the less, the paving is an improvement and the DPW is to be commended. Stop the self annihilation and the DPW would get the lion’s share of the ‘City’s expense allocation.

  • Yes smooth driving now about 5 years over due but at least it was done.