Newburgh Skate Lounge Fundrasing Party


It’s been a while since plans for a skate park in Newburgh have been mentioned, but the skate culture runs very strong in Newburgh. Nothing says that more than the plans to create a Newburgh Skate Lounge. Newburgh local, Melzina Canigan-Izzard, feels like the skate lounge has a lot of local support which will hopefully translate into donations to the Indiegogo campaign. The campaign will be made live at their fundraising party, January 16, 7:30pm, at Ms. Fairfax 188 Liberty.

A location has not yet been secured, but the plan is for the skate lounge to be a combination of a restaurant and skate shop. Melzina was born and raised in Newburgh and has seen things starting to take on a different tone in Newburgh. “There is a different kind of coming together this time around,” she says. The goal is to keep the momentum going. She has noticed a rise in new residents who really care about Newburgh. “It’s a special place that needs special people.”

To help launch the Newburgh Skate Lounge go to their Facebook page for details.


-Photo by by William O’Keeffe