New Food Truck Coming to Newburgh, Roadies Diner


A new food truck is coming to Newburgh called Roadies Diner. Will and Erica, who are excited to be a part of the Newburgh community, will start off with a soft opening at the Newburgh Vintage Emporium February 26, 8am-3pm. As the weather gets warmer they plan on being in a spot in downtown Newburgh. Take a look at the menu below. SUNY Orange and MSMC students receive a discount.


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  • I am not the food police but I think that they are competing against the diner across the way for unhealthy food so I hope they are being mindful of the healthiness of their menu. It doesn’t look like it. For instance, do they use an organic chicken and make their own broth for the chicken soup or will it be a high salt version made with a factory chicken or restaurant canned? Because the people I know in Newburgh are really into healthy foods and would love a food truck that was supporting that–and those are people who are rich and poor. I would have loved to see a vegan breakfast burrito for instance and a vegetarian chili over brown rice.

    I am just an advocate for healthy eating so it really pains me to see menus that could be better when people are just starting out! If it IS going to be a mindfully designed menu, then it should say so. Diner foods are not know to be healthful but I am just worried that they might be more successful with the menu if it was a bit more healthy. Just saying because I know of at least two people who are dealing with healthy heart diets now–sans eggs, cheese, and red meats and no frying.

  • Looking at the menu I see lots of stuff I would like to try. The only problem is 8am to 3pm. I leave Newburgh for work at 7am and don’t get back until after 4. Maybe on a day I go in late or something I will have to try them out. The menu has pupusas this is a central America food that’s very good, I would say that alone is a must try. The menu says comfort food, so of course its not going to be full of bean sprouts and soy nuts.