Picture of the Week


Photo by Genie Abrams. View from the Bluff in the Heights.

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  • Genie, you must live in Heaven! 🙂

  • Beautiful, I’m still not drinking it ’til I see a video of the potus down a glass ;| …btw, when is the ‘burgh getting its reverse osmosis setup. Who’dda thunk, a former major industrial area has industrial compounds in its water source.

    • As per ‘asking the EPA to take an active role’; it’s why they were created and funded…to protect the quality of public drinking water everywhere in the U.S.. Think the Clean Water Act. No need to ask. The EPA can delegate many of its tasks to state, county and local departments, but the EPA cannot delegate responsibility. https://www.epa.gov/enforcement/water-enforcement
      Seems to me the the ‘Burgh’s new 2016 Tentative Assessment Roll needs a re-write.