Real Estate: 364 Liberty Street $20,000

364 Liberty St Newburgh NY

This house is located at the northern end of Liberty Street, at the corner of Clinton Street. It has been abandoned for a while and it’s in foreclosure. This part of Liberty is particularly rough, especially across the street. Just around the corner though, are some of the nicest houses in Newburgh. There’s a 3 car garage in the rear. No interior photos provided.

364 Liberty Street Newburgh NY (Sandra Cotthaus, Era 1st)
Asking Price: $20,000
Year Built: 1900
Size: 3,368 sq ft
Neighborhood: MGL
Taxes: $3,192
Distance to NYC: 55.7 mi, 1 hr 2 mins
Public Transportation: MetroNorth to Beacon, then take ferry across
Closest Roadways: 9W, I-87, I-84
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  • Biggest problem is that the City does not enforce the code. 24 men cannot gather in a front yard and party without a permit. People are not allowed to have bar b qs in their front yards to serve food to the public. Drugs should not be consumed in public and sold for profit. Pitbulls not on leashes used to intimidate the public.YET, on Liberty Street they DO all of these things.

    There are intimidating groups that gather on the front of these properties. These groups prevent access to people who live in the neighborhood on Montgomery and Grand from walking their dogs and kids around the block or having a decent deli to pick up some milk or coffee. The business there should be central to the College at Mt St Mary but no smart person walks around there. It should be a safe neighborhood in a college town where the police are taking care to ensure the safety of the college students to have freedom of movement in the streets that lead down to the City businesses and waterfront.

    Sadly, It is all about the needs of the ghetto there–drug dealing, drinking beer–all of the substance abuse and sanitation problems of adults who do not have the ability to conduct themselves. They have children. What a horrible place they make for their kids there on Liberty Street. The only thing that will change it is when there are more decent people living there than bad people and the bad people will change their ways.

    • The “bad people” will never change their ways. They simply need to go, moved out of Newburgh entirely. Same happened in Greenpoint, LIC etc. where the mayoral administrations of NYC during those years had zero tolerance for the ridiculous behavior you describe and arrested them for the blatant crimes they commit.

      The real criminals here are the slum landlords from Westchester, Highlands etc who are renting to these criminals. I bet these slumlords have thousands of violations yet the city doesn’t give a damn. How the hell do they pass the inspection for the rental license which I had to have a building inspection to obtain? Who owns the building opposite 364 and why is he/she not getting a letter from the City re the criminal behavior of his/her tenants? Do the police cars even stop there?

      The City of Newburgh needs to make a choice. Either you clean up the crime and the slumlords and stop coddling these criminals, or investment leaves the City. We are not anxious to invest in areas where one is liable to be shot in the head or lose thousands of dollars in vandalism. Your beautiful, historic structures are not paramount over safety. Enforce the laws on the books equally!

      • What does drug dealing, drinking in public, and committing crime have to do with the landlord? Not taking care of properties they own is one thing, but to blame the big bad landlord for the actions of others is another. Let the police handle the criminal acts that we all know are occurring, its their job.
        I know, it’s easier to blame the landlord and push the responsibility on them.

        • I am a landlord in Newburgh, an absentee one at that. I know what I speak of and you do too. I consider it my responsibility to the community NOT to rent to drug dealers, gang bangers, prostitutes and the like. Not good for anyone, including me. I have a responsibility to drive by my building, speak to my neighbors and know what is going on in my building. It’s called being a good neighbor. If my tenants are out of control, they go. I do not accept section 8, because I know what comes with it and I’m not interested in gutting my apartments every time they leave.

          Now, you and I may be landlords, but these owners I refer to are not. They are slumlords only after the money. The police cannot function without the help of the community, which we landlords become when we purchase buildings there (albeit we do not live there). It is unconscionable to rent to thugs, gangbangers, criminals, prostitutes, drug dealers and then say “they’re the police department’s problem”.

          Having said all that, I feel your angst re landlords because we are often the victims of the City’s lack of justice and fairness. We are penalized for investing, while the criminals are coddled per NJP’s anecdotes. So yes, I know what you’re talking about there too. However, I cannot in good conscience, as a landlord / investor, rent my properties out to these thugs.

      • The ‘element’ is an accepted side effect for the ‘Burgh’s cash cow subsidized housing. Again…the city is boxed in. They know damn well they have the mechanism to force change but they can not afford the interim period. The period of ‘change over’ entails vacating properties until they meet local, state and fed housing standards. It entails fighting the litany of discrimination lawsuits that will ensue. Yadda yadda yadda… . Can it occur one property at a time? There are properties being bought by “urban pioneers”, some that have Housing connections, in this area among others. ‘More so on the peripheral, as dropping down on to ground zero can be hazardous. Essentially, the ‘house rules’ are: no comply…no money. Simple? We’ll see. 8-13,-14,-15

        The caveat, the progressives are using this period to compromise the ‘good’ peeps that want a decent level of anonymity, i.e. more street cams, no more cash accepted to pay your water bill, ‘registering’ to fart, etc..

  • If every owners install cameras drastic change will happen, I strongly believe that.

  • I am a landlord too and i only rent to people I thoroughly screened for quality tenants. I also enforce quality upkeep of the property , tenants sign a check list before move in and any damage cause by Tenant’s negligence including leaks ,blockage etc are tenants expense.
    As a landlord i am partly responsible for the safety of the current tenant in my building and would only rent to people who are worthy of living on my property and respect the others in the building. Tenants are also responsible for their own garbage and recycle which forced everyone to keep the surrounding tidy at all times. UNLIKE NEWBURGH the tenants throw the garbage on their steps and pathway and the curb. The quality of tenants are the worst i have seen. As landlords you are responsible to select the best people for your place even if you have to wait months like I did. Its worth it in the long run.
    Please enforce the rules now and i guarantee you they will respect you forever. I recently visited a 2 Family home for sale by investors – mothers and children as tenants . The mothers do not work and the apartment was the filthiest i have ever seen. Apart from the filth everywhere they dumped their garbage just next to the steps- Please Slumlords You can control this – its not the police Job. When the streets are clean and in order the bad guys stay away because people are watching . They like the slums because they know no one is watching.

  • I wish you’d buy the building right next door to me!

    • That building is not for sale but I might be able to buy it if it was for sale. That would cause some changes right away I assure you!