Weekly Link Round Up


Photo by NR flickr user Nancy Layne. The weekly link roundup is a collection of links related to Newburgh, revitalization, urban planning and anything else that might inspire change or create dialogue.

‘Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo’ picks up steam [THR]
Newburgh Receives $20k for Trees on Liberty St. [HVP]
Saving Newburgh’s Dutch Reformed Church [Preserve NY]
Revitalization of N.H. mill town takes unusual ideas [Boston Globe]
The Future of Retirement Communities: Walkable and Urban [NYT]
Mill Street project approved by City of Newburgh planning board [THR]
To end the affordable housing crisis, Washington needs to legalize Main Street [WP]

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  • -Nice ‘stoops’, something’s missing http://www.streetplay.com/thegames/haveaball.htm
    -I remember the trees on my Brooklyn block would drop caterpillars by the hundreds every year. It was great if you were a kid… “splat,splat”. For momz, not so much.
    -‘Affordable’ to some means their neighbor helps pay their rent. If the majority holds that mindset then that’s the market rate, regardless of who’s picking up the tab. The feds are cool with that, hence their solution of easier accessibility. In other words, more. In effect, large scale RE funds will find it easier to access the growing ‘affordable’ housing market. It’s not a solution, just an expansion. No different from healthcare and education, neither of which have been made affordable by traditional measures, just more lucrative for some. As for ‘The ‘‘Future of Retirement Communities’ and “the affordability issue may be a roadblock to many retirees looking to cut housing expenses”, not to worry the WH is on it. Again, the solution is ‘easier accessibility’, as in to ‘retirement’ $’s, by the same RE fund managers. Go figure (The James-Ghilarducci plan). So much for Legalizing Main Street and affordability. At least you get to vote on it by proxy in November.

    • Hello Walt, re the Ghilarducci plan note the MYRAs have already been established to invest ONLY in treasuries. Done in the darkness of night, Joe Public hardly aware such a thing exists. Will only take another market “crisis” to prompt an executive order that all retirement funds be diverted to myras in order to “protect” the public. And the party will roll on…funded by our retirement funds as McFadden and Whitehead plays in the background.

      Oh, stay off the stoops will ya? sheesh.

      • My point was, as it relates to RE, there is an obvious acknowledgement by the establishment that the general public is tapped and the individual home thingy has been played. There is a need to accommodate this new normal, the ‘management’ is in place for the transition and the only thing lacking is funding. The ‘plan’ calls for a mandatory “withdrawal” from all wages as well as auto rollovers. It’s a defined contribution with an undefined benefit. The “crisis” already exist.
        Sleep tight, your $’s will be “professionally managed” ; /