Broadway Revitalization Ribbon Cutting


Yesterday was the ribbon cutting of the Central Hudson Main Street Revitalization Project. This project was a collaboration between Central Hudson, the City of Newburgh, Safe Harbors of the Hudson and the Newburgh Community Land Bank. The scope of this project included complete streets planning with crosswalks, curb extensions, planters  and a new bus stop by Atlas Industries. It also included the funding of Safe Harbors Green Park and funding for the redevelopment of 96 Broadway – a long neglected  building at a major intersection of Broadway.

The energy was very hopeful and full of excitement as we all stood around on this crisp fall day. Pedestrians were using the crosswalks, visitors sat on park benches, readers browsed the Little Free Library and riders sat at the new bus stop. This intersection has come leaps and bounds over the past decade. Although there is still much work to do, these improvements help to inspire others to continue to make progress in the City of Newburgh.








“Pat Numnari and his Father Joe ️standing in front of the store front corner of Liberty and Broadway that they are preparing. Painting by Chris O’Neal.” Photo © Julie Lindell