Infinity Lounge on Liberty Street


Infinity Lounge has been open on Liberty Street since the summer. Apologizes for just now giving notice of this. Many of us refer to 102 Liberty Street as the old Moo & Oink space. It was a gourmet food market that opened in 2008 and barely lasted a year. Since then, the storefront has been vacant. It is quite a large space on the east side of Liberty Street where there aren’t many commercial spaces compared to the west side. Naturally everyone was curious what would end up moving in. Infinity Lounge caters to the Mexican palate and from what I have seen, it’s open in the afternoons till late at night.

The lounge doubles as a venue for private events. I’ve heard of some pretty lavish affairs being held here. Everything from weddings to baby showers.  You will have to contact them for rates. See their Facebook  page for photos and details.

14980653_714023422079902_1946852118651186783_nImage © Infinity Lounge

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