Real Estate: 125 Third Street $125,000

125 3rd Street Newburgh NY

This is a handsome house at the corner of Third Street and Chambers. It will need quite a bit of work, but it has potential to be the most stately home on the block. The listing provides few interior photos, but the basement looks clean and dry. Location wise, it is located across the street from the United Methodist Church. One block north is Audrey Carey Park (keep your eye on that), and 2 blocks south on Chambers a few projects are happening. A major drawback might be the lack of a backyard and the post office parking lot in the back.

125 3rd Street Newburgh NY (Rhonda Rios, Five Star Realty)
Asking Price: $125,000
Year Built: 1900 (probably earlier)
Size: 2,015 sq ft
Neighborhood: NoBro
Taxes: $3,837
Distance to NYC: 55.7 mi, 1 hr 2 mins
Public Transportation: MetroNorth to Beacon, then take ferry across
Closest Roadways: 9W, I-87, I-84
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  • Awesome home. With a nice view of the marvelous Methodist Church with its magnificent spire. Gun violence/ gang/drug activityin the area would allow for a dramatic reduction in the price. Would be good for a policeman or other armed soldier or local “seasoned to the ghetto” family. It is a good investment just off Liberty Street on a wonderful block of architecturally fine buildings in various states of repair. Only a few feet down from House Member Sean Patrick Maloneys office.