Rescue Me: 28-30 Carpenter Ave

28-30 Carpenter Ave Newburgh NY

This is a property on Carpenter Avenue between Van Ness and 1st Street. Some of you are looking for warehouse/studio space. If you have an open mind and a large budget, there are plenty of buildings that need repair such as this one. It looks like it was an auto shop at one time because of the lettering above one of the garages “service dept.” Some of the walls have caved in, but as we saw this week, this property is not too far gone – yet. The property is privately owned. For detailed information, check the Orange County tax records. Search for “30 Carpenter Avenue” and you will find out who owns it and their address to contact them. Current taxes are less than $1,000 each year.

There are over 700 abandoned or vacant properties in the City of Newburgh. Habitation of these properties is vital to the revitalization of the city. 28-30 Carpenter Ave Newburgh NY Google Map