Newburgh Train Derailment Photos

32943728490_1b6915e65b_zAll photos © Brian Wolfe

By now most of you probably have heard about the recent train derailment in Newburgh last week. Thankfully no one was killed or seriously injured. The major concern isn’t just about the danger of the derailment itself, but of the harmful materials these trains can carry, and their proximity to a proposed pipeline. Many people feel this is a literal bomb waiting to happen. There are plenty of news articles that covered this event like this one from NBC.

Huge shout out to Brian Wolfe who takes the most amazing photographs of Newburgh! Thanks a million! 

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  • FYI, the roads are still closed because, get this, CSX is not taking responsibility for getting rid of the cars full of toxic chemicals. Please, if the road closure is inconveniencing you don’t waste your time complaining to our City Manager who is actively trying to fix the situation, use the energy to call our Federal representatives to change the laws that were written by railroad lobbyists.

    • Do you mean the same fed representatives that are handling the pfos issues? At this level, laws are corruption’s greatest tool…deliberately ambiguous so as to avoid enforcement and intent. The best we can hope is that the cars are filled with RoundUp and can be emptied on sight with the EPA’s blessing.

  • These photos are way better than any I saw on news sites carrying this story. Good job Brian!