Rescue Me: 246 Grand Street

Grand Street has some of the most spectacular architecturally significant properties in Newburgh. This house has been boarded up for a while. There are some great bones here to bring back to life.

This property is owned by the City of Newburgh. For detailed information, check the Orange County tax records.

There are over 700 abandoned or vacant properties in the City of Newburgh. Habitation of these properties is vital to the revitalization of the city. 246 Grand Street Newburgh NY Google Map

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  • Maybe the rent extracting school system can send over a few youths to ‘spruce up’ the grounds a little. Based on the recent vandalism up the street at Tyrone Crabb Park, school suspension has obviously afforded them some free time. Aside, didn’t the ‘City recently hire a RE agency based out of New Windsor to market its houses? Perhaps if they went with someone local, say someone that has an office right on Liberty Street in the heart of the ‘Burgh’s revitalization, there might have been photos of #246 Grand.

    • You mean the lady with the office on Liberty Street that overprices her listings by $100,000 and is single handedly ruining peoples motivation to invest in this dump and is helping slumlords maximize profits on properties that they hardly took care of to begin with. But lets not focus on the investors who have bought these properties and taken all historic character out of them, chopped them up into mini boxes to be section 8, let them deteriorate as much as possible and then sell for maximum profit. Cant wait for the super high rent, its gonna be so awesome.

      • My comment was in reference to a City work session discussing Newburgh’s lack of attention by the “market” and, as such, its need for a RE “pro”. The agency’s focus will be on the increasing number of single-family homes that the City is acquiring (not a good trend), not so much multi-residential properties. I can’t speak for any specific agency’s business practices (not my thing). My contention is that a strategically located office would in and of itself promote the City’s assets while possibly adding to the patronage of its local businesses, i.e. “Hey, let’s have lunch at such and such while we’re shopping for a house”. item 9, note the pitch of SONYMA products. ‘Down payment assistance’ is not the “motivation” the City should be pimping, imo, as it provides a means to the same result you describe…only the ‘max profits’ go to the banks. We’ve been there before, no? As much as the City likes to claim it isn’t in the RE business…it’s the only business it’s in and with it comes all of the property management issues. It chose or was chosen to be a slumlord. Only now it’s trying to do a 180 because the pipes are starting to leak. The “super high rent” is part and parcel of it.

  • too bad the tax records are not available to you or I……. i just tried to access the site…