Demolition of 290 Liberty

Seven years ago, I took the photo above, hoping that one day we would see a drastic difference. Seven years later the 290 Liberty was still abandoned and in worse shape than it had ever been. With a renovation bill into the million range, no one had stepped up to reverse 30 years of neglect. The Newburgh Community Land Bank came to the tough decision of demolishing the building because of the potential danger it caused to pedestrians, as well as the two neighboring properties. They wrote a very poignant piece on the history of the home, commemorating the lives and the history of the people who once lived there.

Many people are enraged when a building has to be demolished. Some people think it’s just “one more building.” Unfortunately, dozens of other buildings will meet the same fate if not taken care of soon. We lost 290 Liberty, but there are plenty of other buildings screaming out Rescue Me.

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  • I would like to find the piece written about the past residence of this property. I was raised in the home until the death of my father in 1987. I was heartbroken to find out last week that my childhood home was being demolished. We sold this property 30 years ago. Whenever I would return to the city to visit I always stopped here to reminisce about everything I ever did in the neighborhood. My sister and I are heartbroken! I even inquired in the past about ownership and never received a response. It’s like a part of me was demolished as well.

  • And what about the deplorable condition of 161 Lander Street? A dangerous pile of rubble for sure! How bad could the Liberty Street property have been in comparison?? Makes no sense to me.

    • The Land Bank was responsible for 290 Liberty. Follow the ownership trail to find out why things are done, or not done to properties.

      • 161 is a city owned property, I do know that and understood that it was a priority for demolition. I suppose priority in the next decade.

    • You’re witnessing “Planning”. Practically, there are probably dozens of 161 Landers in worse condition but Liberty St. is a focal point toward ‘revitalization’. The concept is analogous to gangrene. Similarly, without addressing the underlying causes of blight, 290 will not be the last building demoed on Liberty Street. Hands with missing appendages aren’t exactly healthy if they’re idle…so, what’s ‘the Plan’? I’m more wary of falling b.s. than of bricks.

  • Newburgh and is government has only its self to blame for the condition that it is in now.