Sign the Petition for a Dog Park in Newburgh

The Newburgh Palatine Dog Society is accepting signatures for an online petition to create a dog park in the City of Newburgh. Their message below:

Newburgh is a dog city. It isn’t possible to take a walk or a drive without encountering families out with their dogs. Unfortunately, Newburgh is also a city that doesn’t have an animal shelter, which means that stray dogs are an extra burden on the community. The Newburgh Palatine Dog Society is looking for ways to strengthen the dog owning community in the City of Newburgh, and one piece that is missing is the presence of a dog park.

Research has shown, in cities across the country, that the presence of dog parks reduces crime, increases compliance with dog regulations and leash laws, and builds community among the pet-owning population. Once established, dog parks are often maintained by the people who use them. What a perfect fit for Newburgh–a city with ample vacant lots and the need for increased community-building opportunities.

This past spring we presented the city with an opportunity to apply for a grant that would fund the building of a dog park. The one requirement: verbal support from the city and a location to build on. Their response: silence.

We’re hoping to build a list of Newburgh residents who support the idea of a dog park (in fact, the city is large enough for more than one.) We’ll be presenting this support to the new council that will be elected this fall, and if the response is still silence, we will begin to work toward doing what is so often required in Newburgh: doing it on our own.

If you live in the Newburgh Community and support this project, please join us by signing below.

2 Comment

  • The fact that a ‘owner maintained’ dog park was politely presented to the “city” threw them off. The petitioned resolution should be specific as to what defines “support of the upkeep”. A dog park is a quid quo pro, i.e. the DPW mows the lawn, renews lighting, etc. a-n-d the dog owners police themselves and their animals. That means ‘community’ dog owners take it up with their members when they break the ‘social contract’, not cry to the ‘City about it, requesting the DPW clean up dog chit and litter. It sounds like a given, but the reality is the concept of ‘polis’ is too often rendered in Newburgh while the peeps complain that “the rent is too high”. This is a great idea and can serve as a flagship for the new ‘Burgh going forward…which may explain the “silence” by the status quo.

  • I strongly believe this will benefit our city in more than one way