Regional Plan Association’s Plan for Newburgh in 2040

The Regional Plan Association (RPA) in The Fourth Plan just released their vision for Newburgh in 2040. The city is envisioned to be a healthy and equitable city that is a gateway to the Hudson Valley. Here are some key points of their plan:

  • Partnership with St. Luke’s and MSMC for a buy local initiative, workforce development, and reciprocal capital and economic investments
  • Bus rapid transit will ease congestion on I-84 and connect the downtown to an expanded Stewart Airport and Metro North Station at Beacon
  • Anti-displacement measures and legal counsel for low-income residents.
  • Apartment buildings are created into affordable cooperatives or creation of community land trusts
  • Through inclusive planning and agreements, Newburgh will be home to people from many races, ethnic groups, and income levels
  • A network of open green spaces that include Snake Hill and Quassaick Creek
  • Green infrastructure technologies to reduce dependence on the city’s sewer system and protect the region’s water quality

Read the entire report here.

2 Comment

  • Replace autonomy with austerity for an “equitable” city? Profit logic is in full stride, nudge enough people with this narrative and it becomes public policy by default. Riddle me this…does this “supported” utopian vision foresee the innocuous “revenue sharing” leaning more towards the equality or the equitable model? How much SALT do you need in your tax diet Newburgh?