420 Grand Street Fire

Photos © Eric Jarmann

Sadly, on January 16, 420 Grand Street burned in a fire due to an overheated power strip. This home was a welcoming entrance to the City of Newburgh when arriving at the north end of the city. To see the home during grander times, see this tour from the New York Social Diary.

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  • This is a real tragedy: with the loss of most of the roof, without protection what’s left of the interior of the house will be destroyed.
    I recall seeing your original post on this house, with the stunning photos in the 2014 ‘Social Diary’ post: not many homes anywhere have survived over a century with so many of the original fixtures intact – like a time capsule.
    The Record article is blocked-out, not a subscriber: are there any further facts you can report?
    I recall reading something re: a ‘live-in’ caretaker of the place, but wasn’t it ever sold, fully owner-occupied?
    I get the sense that the only way such a ‘power-cord’ mishap could cause so much damage is if the house was vacant at the time – no chance for anyone to respond more quickly to smoke detectors. A real shame.

    • Smoke detectors are meant to alert the occupants to exit. There aren’t that many people that when abruptly awoken @ 2:20 am can roll out, grab their cell and play first responder. Power strips are meant to be used short term as surge protectors for low wattage appliances. Had this been an occupied rental on the south end the locals would have been all over the ‘City for lack of code enforcement. All things considered, the fire dept. did a great job. … https://www.midhudsonnews.com/News/2018/January/18/Nbrg_fire-18Jan18.html