69 Liberty Marked for Demolition

Sadly 69 Liberty has been marked for demolition after the tornado in May. The owners of Calabash, Ruddy and Debbie, really built up this corner to be something special. It was particularly exciting because this building had been in disrepair and empty for years. With a bad roof and a distant landlord, the tornado was the cherry on top. I’m not an engineer, but if renovation was possible at 2 Liberty Street, why not this building?

There’s an empty lot across the street where a factory used to be. It is now used as a parking lot. Hopefully, this corner lot doesn’t become just another empty space, we have so many of those already.

3 Comment

  • It’s called get that insurance money and run…perfect exit for an absent landlord.

  • A street side church would do well there…

  • That’s not right. City codes should make owner repair the roof. The business could be moved —but why should it be? That’s a great corner right on Liberty. Tired of seeing all this dysfunction. Should have been repaired by now!