Weekly Link Round Up

The weekly link roundup is a collection of links related to Newburgh, revitalization, urban planning and anything else that might inspire change or create dialogue. Photo by Steven Rosas.

10 Streets that Changed America [C]
Principles for Fostering Streets as Places [PPS]
Designing New York: Quality Affordable Housing [NYCD]
Newburgh approves $420k contract for paving project [THR]
Cheers for community renewal, creative space and safe water [THR]
Accelerator: Activewear biz a good fit for new site in Newburgh [THR]
Stewart is officially rebranded as New York Stewart International Airport [MHN]

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One Comment

  • PILOTs to NothingILOTs? Calls into question the use of ‘tax $’s as ‘aid to a private entity’ or even ‘for public use without just compensation’, no? By pushing the boundaries of the NY state and U.S. constitutions with regards to defining ‘a public benefit corporation’, the tax base risk becoming the financial speculator as traditional means of credit creation disappears. Is there a line item deduction for ‘angel investing by proxy’? And what’s up with citing $15 as “decent paying”? Back in the early 80’s, jobs in the ‘Burgh of similar skill requirements were paying today’s equivalent of $22 hourly. I’ve worked for several small proprietorships, a multi-national corp. and for myself and never picked up the vibe that we were “deserving” of anything beyond fair compensation. The e-commerce Giants love these private/public partnerships as they serve as cost free business strategy tests. Where does the stationery come from that our muni bills are printed on, the local guy? He went out of business…https://www.uscommunities.org/government-purchasing/ It’ll be a kick in the arse when we have to buy “whatever” through an app when “whatever” is being automade right down the street in a “hub”. More than likely, we’ll also be subsidizing the shipping of “whatever” …’er, wait a second… .In the interim, I hope the businesses on Liberty street can tap into this “apparel making innovation”. Or do the economies of scale still not work?