Orchard Valley CrossFit Coming to the City of Newburgh

A new way to get fit is now available in downtown Newburgh. Orchard Valley CrossFit has made their home on South Colden Street, just steps away from the Newburgh Brewery and the Newburgh Rowing Club.

CrossFit is like a having a personal trainer in a small group setting of no more than 10 individuals. Each day, each work out is different and members never have to work out alone. The goal is to train for longevity, getting your body to function the best it can for your lifestyle.

Coach Nick and Coach Penny are excited to share their knowledge and love of CrossFit. Penny is a nurse practitioner that works in the City of Newburgh. She has witnessed first hand the high rate of diabetes in the local population. She believes CrossFit can even reverse certain types of diabetes when accompanied by proper nutrition. They plan to offer free classes to City of Newburgh youth and discounts for first responders, military, and nurses.

The duo found their gym location on Craigslist. They liked that it was walkable from different ends of the city, and the warehouse offers the space they need for amenities like a kids room and a hangout loft. They are already making connections with their neighbors, using ColorCube for t-shirts and signs.

Some workouts will involve outside exercises. Don’t be surprised if you see them at the corner of Renwick and Colden! They plan to have their grand opening in August. Follow them on Instagram for up to date announcements.