New Architectural Salvage Business Coming to Broadway

The gates are coming down at 159 Broadway and making room for a new architectural salvage business, Hudson Valley House Parts. Owner, Reggie Young, is a veteran when it comes to restoration of old buildings with many years spent in NYC and Hudson, NY.

After spending the night at an AirBnb in the city Reggie fell in love with Newburgh. He knew he wanted his business to be on Broadway. He envisions it being a “designers row” with windows lit up at night, and he’s putting his money where his mouth is. Yesterday he had the security gates removed so that the windows will be completely visible. It makes sense. The large space in his building is perfect for the large items an architectural salvage business carries. Most storefronts on Broadway are massive, once being home to department stores like Sears and Woolworth’s. Finding tenants can be difficult, which is why many are either empty or occupied by churches with large congregations. The DMV is now in the old Woolworth’s building.

Reggie has a following and expects that his customers will follow him to Newburgh. Stay tuned for Reggie’s full fascinating story and a date for the grand opening party! Below is a sneak peek at some of the items he will be carrying.

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