City Hall Out for RFP

This is about a month late but, the City of Newburgh is accepting RFP’s for the purchase and rehabilitation of City Hall, 83 Broadway. The building has a host of costly issues, most significant are the structural issues due to load bearing walls being removed that has caused sagging. There are metal braces holding up entire sections of the building.

The City Manager believes a boutique hotel would be the ideal fit for the building. This is coming at a time when Liberty Street and Broadway are seeing the most businesses open up in the almost 10 years Newburgh Restoration has been in existence. Finally, 96 Broadway is being renovated with plans for a restaurant opening on the ground floor. Safe Harbors has completed the Green Park, and other very exciting projects are waiting to be announced for nearby buildings.

All responses must be received by Thursday, November 15, 2018 by 3:00pm.

Spread the word so that the City might receive diversified and qualified respondents.

One Comment

  • A true example of Newburgh’s leadership and management. The building itself speaks of Newburgh and it’s ruin. A sad tale indeed.