Weekly Link Round Up

The weekly link roundup is a collection of links related to Newburgh, revitalization, urban planning and anything else that might inspire change or create dialogue. Photo by HB.

An Unexpected Meal in Downing Park [C]
Debate over fate of Newburgh church [THR]
Newburgh Officials Share Good News on Budget Talks [SN]
Maloney envisions aerial gondola between Beacon, Newburgh [THR]
Habitat for Humanity sets sights on Newburgh’s William Street [THR]
Developer of Foundry condos in Newburgh files for bankruptcy [THR]
Town of Newburgh Planning Board approves controversial retail project [THR]
Newburgh Heights hopes to attract new homeowners by paying off student loans [CN] Cleveland, not NY

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  • -So the City does a double tap on its cookie jar and projects someone else will leave a tip later. Brilliant.
    -The AME needs to sell its asset and move into affordable digs relative to its congregation’s “collection plate”.
    -What demographic will the William Street properties be marketed to?
    -Call it the Foundry Hotel and the IDA will give it a PILOT.
    -Water shed memories are short… https://www.recordonline.com/article/20140117/NEWS/401170348

    • What do you mean the city does a double tap?

      • Make that a triple. My understanding; In response to NYS comptroller’s office “recommendation” that the ‘Burgh needs $5.17 mil to make its book whole, the city’s tax consultant is suggesting it tap into its fund balance further than the original proposal (down to 10%). As well, “projected” sales tax revenues has been upped to a !0% gain vs the 5% prior based on other Orange County muni estimates. Other line items will be grouped and expensed over a longer duration. The state seems to be taking the position that the ‘Burgh had eight years since the Newburgh Fiscal Recovery Act to get its “act” together, and is now calling it out on its o.t. issues and unfunded liabilities (such as pensions). Imo, it is also a hedge on the effects of the federal tax law changes on the coffers of states such as NY and their municipalities. So tag, you’re it Newburgh. In the spirit of “fairness”, Newburgh is looking to rebalance its property tax mechanism where in the homestead tax levy is increased proportionately relative to non-homestead (consider that 2-3 family still constitutes as homestead and the rational is apparent). Essentially, the “stop kicking the can” crew will be forced to do just that. Whattaya gonna do… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bj5ejPWxcHQ
        fyi… https://newburghny.swagit.com/play/11202018-1080 item 3