Weekly Link Round Up

The weekly link roundup is a collection of links related to Newburgh, revitalization, urban planning and anything else that might inspire change or create dialogue. Photo by Cher Vick

Death to Minimalism [CA]
Community foundation finds a home [THV]
Why America’s New Apartment Buildings All Look the Same [BBW]
Survey: More than half of U.S. retailers said they are just surviving [DN]
Orange County: Transportation is critical to growth, development [THR]
How Detroit’s Capitol Park went from desolation to a hot destination [DFP]
America’s Insanely Expensive Child Care Is a Serious Economic Problem [S]
European co-living developer plans big entrance into U.S. market [AN]

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  • What’s really funny about Orange County’s Proposed Comprehensive Plan including a transportation section is that this has all been attempted before under the same county planner. There was a forum about 10 years ago regarding roads and transportation and the closest they came to the City of Newburgh was talking about improving the intersection of 300 and 17K- possibly adding more turning lanes. We actually had a citycouncilperson represent our city at that group of hearings, yet nothing was proposed or done to improve Newburgh’s connections both inside and outside its borders. Just the mention of proposed transportation for that unfortunate park being developed in the middle of nowhere should rile anyone who attempts to travel between Newburgh and Middletown and Goshen including between OCCC’s two main campuses. The isolation of Newburgh I believe is by design lead by the county government. I’d love for someone to prove me wrong.

    • Ten years into the economic recovery and the County is just now having this revelation? The County is in charge of the the City of Newburgh’s bus stops and general management. Yet, as of last week, according to the City Council, there is no inventory of the number of its bus stops, there location or condition. Meanwhile the County IDA has handed out financial incentives for commercial and tourism projects, three such projects being proposed at or around Stewart airport and all with their hand out. As well, the county is considering giving Legoland an additional $million for marketing and promotion. The MTA is facing an almost $billion deficit and is estimating it needs at least $40billion in renovations. Aside from the MTA raising rates 4%, Albany is considering adding a “congestion tax” to its revenue stream in order to fund this project (as well as a “pot” tax if legalized). All the while ridership has increased. What’s the odds that there will be a new train station at Woodbury Common to accommodate the tourists before Orange County residents see a practical bus service on par with Ulster and Dutchess countys’? When does Orange County implement a “congestion” tax scheme of its own? As the U.S. economy levels off towards the end of its “recovery”, regarding infrastructure one has to ask…”where did the money go?”. Consider this… Orange County recently announced a sales tax revenue surplus which it will redistribute back to its municipalities. The City of Newburgh Council voted to seek “intervener status” in the process that the Danskammer electric generating plant is under taking. The City needs to “identify” $100Gs toward this effort.
      Meanwhile its DPW is desperately short of funds just to maintain the City’s own infrastructure.