Demolition of 260 Liberty Street

Another one bites the dust. Years of neglect on this clapboard house made rehabilitation all but impossible. Back in 2010 I posted it as a Rescue Me property when it has a ‘for sale’ sign on the front. There is a positive side to this story, the structure will be rebuilt using salvaged materials by the new property owners.

A few doors down, at 254 Liberty Street there is a similar house. There are efforts underway to rehabilitate it. Hopefully they are successful.

Back in 2010. It has gotten much worse in the recent years.

One Comment

  • That was an interesting transaction. The former Comptroller Katie Mack had put forth a resolution (mid ’18) where by a third party could, via a “donation”, reimburse the City for the stabilization costs related to a property. The resolution was passed and 260 Liberty Street was the first property as such. The “donors” ended up buying it from the City about half a year later at an agreed upon price and with the posting of a ‘Surety’ bond (implemented by the current City Planner and Corporate Counsel) to cover demo cost should rehab prove to be to unrealizable. Together, the “donation” and “surety” bond makes for a feasible model to transfer these questionable properties, imo. I hope it works out for everyone.