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The weekly link roundup is a collection of links related to Newburgh, revitalization, urban planning and anything else that might inspire change or create dialogue. Photo by Brian Wolfe

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  • A ‘land’ tax…and forgo the multitude of credits and exemptions linked to the ‘improvement’, not the land? It is the “improvement” of the land and, more so, its inhabitants that demand the municipal services. It was clever to spin it into an “absentee landlord” issue of burdening us with the social economic costs of their misdeeds. Maybe there ought to be an universal ‘adult’ tax to recoup the same related to absentee parents? Why stop there? Not. These are not taxing issues, so the notion that a “tax” is an affector is a red herring and its use as a behavior modifier is being exploited. Morality cannot be legislated and existing law’s enforcement is being stymied by bureaucracy and social justice think. As a offset, the course of action defaults to the “shared” austerity measure… a tax. In cities such as Newburgh where the high property taxes are directly correlated to its perpetual social economic issues, the tax system is universally punitive by default already. And, no, it is not the maintenance of prior investments that is burdening cities as the author implies. It is the effect of neglecting past maintenance resulting in the costly capital improvements that are now required and are competing with rising carrying cost/unfunded liabilities for tax $s. All this aside,the notion of a modern socially correct “tax system” in a print ’em as we go economy is a hoodwink…ditto for “green deals” and the “free chit” schemes. $Trillion deficits alongside jumping the sharks measures “ain’t just coinkidink” and we haven’t even been taxed for them yet.