Ecuadorian and Colombian Businesses Coming to Newburgh

It seems we are getting in a new wave of businesses in Newburgh from Colombia and Ecuador. This restaurant, Toquilla’s opened on Upper Broadway and I have yet to try it. Ecuador is famous for their hearty soups, so this might be a place to try on a cold winter day.

We are getting an Ecuadorian supermarket on Broadway that will sell “breakfast, lunch, food, vegetables, fruit, and grain.” This is a large move for this section of Broadway that has many vacant storefronts near 9W. Over the summer the rear section of the building was expanded to create a second floor. It will be very exciting to see more food shopping options that cater to our immigrant populations.

Noches de Colombia is moving to the shopping center just off I-84 on North Plank Road. This will be their most northern location from Nanuet and New Jersey. They have more locations than I can count spread over Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York.

Don Hugo’s is a local favorite located in Colonial Terraces that serves Colombian food. It’s not new, but worth a mention. Yelp reviews say Bandeja Paisa is amazing and my Colombian friends speak well of it.

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