Wireworks Newburgh Coming to Downtown Newburgh, Spring 2020

Walking down South William Street, there was never much to see – closed up factory windows, graffiti walls, and broken sidewalks. That has slowly been changing as small incremental development has been happening on the blocks between Liberty and South Lander Streets. Come Spring, a new building called Wireworks should be opening its doors to the public. The building was up for RFP by the City of Newburgh and was awarded to trio, Baxter Development, Sisha Ortuzar, and Studio Mapos – each with years experience in their own industries.

There have been a few articles published on this development already – it’s a $2.7 million dollar project, the building dates back to 1895, and it’s going to be a multi-use facility. What does it really mean for Newburgh though? More specifically South William Street?

Prior to Atlas Industries moving to Newburgh, South William Street (between South Lander and Liberty) was lined by 3 large dark warehouses. The windows had been covered with bricks, long closing them off to the public. The residential buildings also have fallen into disrepair. Today, Atlas Industries is a fully occupied building. They have removed the bricks from all of their windows and have become a creative hub south of Broadway. They host literary readings, art shows, outdoor and indoor markets – just to name a few things.

Wireworks will surely compliment the work done by Atlas. The plan for the building is as follows: live/work studios along with an anchor tenant (possibly food related) on the first floor, office and co-working space on the second floor has been worked out with Beahive. Learn all about their Newburgh plans here. The third floor will be loft apartments. Baxter has quickly moved past the cleanup and demolition phase and have begun framing out rooms.

For many, it will be the first time that they will be able to enter this space and engage as a gathering place. Atlas is also open to ideas of paying more attention to their own sidewalks as foot traffic begins to increase on this block. At the corner, 41 Liberty Street is undergoing a complete transformation and is seeking a ground floor tenant. Oliver and Chatfield and Rob’s Roast Coffees have opened this year, adding to the changes of the Lower Liberty/South William Street corridors. It is really an exciting time to see such rapid change in the area that will surely add to the quality of life of all residents. Dark and scary buildings will be no more (Resnick’s warehouse still has yet to announce plans).

For complete up to date announcements on Wireworks, be sure to follow them on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/newburgh.wireworks/

Credit: Studio Mapos
Streetscape work is in the plans to enhance the appearance of the building and the pedestrian experience. The brick blocking the windows has already been removed since these photos were taken.
The windows behind the back wall will be opened up on to South William Street, connecting the building visually with foot traffic outside. This is the second floor, future home Beahive.
Remnants of an industrial past
Third floor where the lofts will be located
Views toward Atlas
Original tin ceilings will be salvaged and reused.
Exterior of the building with view of the collapsed section that has since been cleaned up.
The right side of the building. All of these windows will be opened up!