01/30/19 7:30am

For years Liberty Street between Broadway and Spring Street has seen the majority of action and excitement of new businesses coming downtown. Besides the arrival of Panja, the stalled development of 2 Liberty Street, and the much-anticipated change of ownership of the Liberty Street School, not much has happened. That is about to change as new businesses begin to take a chance on the many empty storefronts further south.

Cornwall general store, Oliver and Chatfield is coming to Newburgh and will open at 42 Liberty Street. The tentative opening will happen in February. Next door is the Untouchable Bar, from the same owner of popular Quinn’s in Beacon. From what I have heard they are waiting on certain approvals to open. If you have ever been to Quinn’s you can more than likely expect the same aesthetic and crowd at Untouchable. There was an art exhibition opening there last November. And then for a bit of a mix up a new beauty salon is planning to open this spring/summer at 63 Liberty Street called Liberty and Beauty.

The development of 109 South William Street is still being finalized, and we are all still waiting to see the engineering firm that was awarded the RFP for 41 Liberty take residence. And to wrap this all up, just in case you were wondering what is going inside the old Caffe Macchiatto space, the Liberty Street Bistro will be expanding all the way to corner.

Hopefully, we will see these projects and more take off when spring sets in.

01/21/19 7:30am

As a self-professed design nerd, the arrival of Hendley & Co is one of the most exciting new businesses to arrive in downtown Newburgh. Designer Jessica Lynn Williams is the owner and shop keeper of this shop that not only offers interior design services but also beautiful curated home items.

Join them January 26 11am-7pm for their grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony at 87 Ann Street. See below for some of the goodies you’ll be able to find.

You can order sofas from Interior Define, a furniture company that sells mostly online only except for very limited locations.

Look out for their sign on the corner of Ann and Liberty Streets, just across from the Wherehouse Restaurant.

12/22/18 9:20am

In a recent post on Instagram, Jodi Cummings, owner of Caffe Macchiato announced that the cafe will be closing Jan 2. Jodi bought the cafe from the previous owners who started the business over 10 years ago when Liberty Street lacked retail and destination options. It has been a favorite for lunch and brunch, filled with families and friends. We are sad to see the restaurant close but happy Jodi will be able to take the break that she needs.

The owner of North Plank Tavern has signed a lease for the space and will take over with a brand new restaurant.

12/11/18 7:30am

We’ve been waiting for months and the end is almost near. Hudson Taco is set to open this coming January. The date was apparently set back by the installation of an outdoor patio of the West Shore Train Station. They have already created a separate entrance for the restaurant and are keen on Newburgh pride. Extra parking spots will be added as well a new crosswalk that the owners hope will bridge the gap between the waterfront and the Liberty Street restaurants.

11/26/18 7:30am

The first ever shopping crawl in Downtown Newburgh was November 24, and oh what a day it was! Twenty-eight businesses participated, offering discounts and specials for shoppers.  We handed out approximately 160 passports and estimate 300 shoppers came downtown. The message was loud and clear, everyone is excited to shop in Newburgh. As one business owner said, “one take away is how many people had never been to Newburgh or hadn’t been in decades.” Overheard many times was, “this is how Newburgh used to be.”

It was a welcome sight, stores so full shoppers were spilling out on to the sidewalk, items selling out, and all the families walking about. “Let’s just walk”, “I haven’t been there in ages” or “have you been to this new place?” were the conversations shoppers were having.

Some shops saw an increase in sales as much as 80% compared to other Saturdays. The event was also covered by Spectrum News and the Times Herald-Record.

Thank you to everyone that participated, whether you shared the event on social media or you came out the day of the crawl. It was a boost of encouragement for everyone to keep going, to keep doing what they love.

The shopping crawl was featured on Spectrum News as well as a full page spread in the Times Herald-Record.