New Restaurant, Mama Roux Brightens Lower Broadway

On October 15th Newburgh’s newest restaurant, Mama Roux, had a soft opening. The restaurant is located in a decades-long neglected building at 96 Broadway, on the corner of Liberty Street. To delight in the warm glow of the Art Deco sconces while taking in the spices of the Cajun cuisine was nothing short of magical. It’s a space so well designed it feels as though it has always been there. It is cozy, comfortable, and upscale – yet without feeling pretentious. It is the kind of restaurant I would drive an hour into Manhattan for a night out with friends. The food is that good, and it’s here, in Newburgh.

It was truly a special evening, an event that we could all celebrate, a small but immensely meaningful win for the City of Newburgh. Developers are taking a chance on Newburgh, and it isn’t the large scale waterfront developments that receive the most attention. It is the small infill of incremental development that makes a city interesting and exciting. It makes a neighborhood.

From my own personal perspective I love cities and urban environments because of the inspiration and creativity it inspires in my everyday life. Mama Roux is just the kind of place where you go to be inspired – whether it be in your own life or what you might be able to create in this city.

The general sentiment that night was that of gratitude. Thank you to everyone involved who helped make this possible in Newburgh.

Regular hours are soon to be announced, but the restaurant will start off opened only Thursday to Sunday, including brunch on Sundays.

Corner seat facing Broadway. Surely to be one of the most sought after spots