03/11/14 7:30am


Sean, Mike, and Amanda are all students at Parsons in NYC. You might see them at your local corner in the City of Newburgh asking residents how they envision buildings in the city differently. Glued to the window of this vacant Liberty storefront they have a map of the city as well as photos along the block. Written on some of the buildings you can see people envision farmers markets and coffee shops. They plan on being in the ‘Burgh to get more input from city residents and might even possibly rent a space to be able to do more community outreach. If you see them, don’t be shy and say hello!

09/05/13 7:30am


This was happening a few days ago, façade work to 61 Liberty Street. It looks like it’s getting a new coat of paint. Word is that the owners would like to open up a thrift shop that would be open on the weekends.

Small things are quietly happening on Liberty Street…and it’s especially great to see it happening here, a section that doesn’t get all that much attention.

Thanks Richie!


08/23/13 10:30am


Here’s a huge news update about Caffe Macchiato, apparently it has been SOLD. We received a tip saying that a man showed up to last night’s business association meeting claiming that he purchased Caffe Macchiato! He will keep the same business name and re-open under new management on Sept 9. This is huge news especially since so many people were worried that it would be gone forever.

What improvements could the new owner of Caffe Macchiato make to keep this business alive?

Caffe Macchiato has been a cornerstone to the revitalization that could only have been possible due to the owners, Barbara and Edwin. Thanks for all your hard work all these years!

– Photo via Newburgh Restoration flickr pool user Amanda Jillian

04/18/13 10:00am


BUZZZ…Fron the “BURGH”.  A monthly feature that  looks at people,  current events and stories with roots to Newburgh that have affected main stream media. This month BUZZZ looks at one of the most talented and prolific contemporary American authors of our time…world best selling author James Patterson, who was born and raised on the city streets of Newburgh.

For those Newburgh Restoration followers that may not be aware of the talents of this iconic author, James Patterson has set more records (including the Guinness Book of Records) in writing the most back to back hardcover best sellers to hit #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list than ANY other author in history. In fact, James Patterson’s novels account for one in seventeen hardcover books sold in the United States. And his novels have sold more copies than the next top three thriller writers…combined.

Patterson is responsible in bringing to life one of the more infamous fictional characters in  contemporary literature…detective, Alex Cross, who not only captured the public’s attention in print over a series of novels but also later transitioning to film in two popular movie hits “Along Came a Spider” and “Kiss the Girls”. Also James Patterson’s most recent and possibly the most riveting of his works. “I,  Michael Bennett”, has another very popular fictional main character, Michael Bennett and his family unexpectedly facing the hardcore realities taking place in the city of Newburgh (a much changed city than Bennett remembers growing up as a child) as they encounter the grittier side of some of the city streets at the turn of the decade.

On a lighter note (but equally as important), James Patterson also is responsible for developing the much touted www.readkiddoread.com initiative nationwide. The message of his “Read Kiddo Read” program is that it is of utmost importance to teach kids how to WANT to read. The program promotes the need to allow children to read about things and subjects that they personally find interesting. In fact Patterson first introduced this initiative in order to aid his son Jack in helping him build much needed reading skills.


Last July James Patterson returned home for the purpose of speaking to local Newburgh  families in order to promote the Read Kiddo Read Program. With almost 200 people gathered outside the Newburgh Free Library on Grand Street, Patterson accounted his early days growing up on the streets of Newburgh. And to the joy of the crowd, he shared with them where his favorite places were in the city, as he signed autographs and wrote dedications inside many of the children’s books who had attended. But his main message to Newburgh parents was to encourage their children to read books from early in their youth, especially during middle school years with hopes of translating that into helping their children in attaining greater academic achievement overall.

02/07/13 12:36pm


BUZZZ…from the “BURGH” A monthly feature highlighting people, current events & stories with roots to  Newburgh, that have affected mainstream media.

As a major weather event is heading towards the northeast promising a SIZABLE snowfall locally by the weekend, this month’s Buzzz caters to those NEWBURGH RESTORATION followers who not only find skiing a passion, but a way of life.
To those that may not be aware, Newburgh is where Olympic skier Thomas Vonn was born and raised, in a classic 1920’s home, just a historic hop & skip from the city’s northern border, where his parents still reside.
Vonn’s best skiing performance was during the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City where he finished 9th in the Downhilll.  But it was during those Olympic games that he met the budding superstar (who he would start to coach and later became his wife in 2007), Lindsey Vonn.

For those that follow skiing (and unless you’ve lived under a snow drift the last 6 years lol), Lindsey Vonn has gone on to become the most decorated woman in US Skiing history, a multi gold medal Olympic winner and the media darling of  major skiing and social events since then.

Lindsey Vonn once again made national news ( just two days ago) when she was competing during the Super-G at the Alpine Ski World Championships in Schladming, Austria where she unfortunately crashed during her downhill performance, had to be airlifted and sustained injuries that sadly has now put her career on hold for the season.  But all positive indications is that her amazing career is far from over. What is over  is that after a separation in 2011, the Vonns have finalized a divorce just this past January.

I’m sure all NEWBURGH RESTORATION readers wish Lindsey Vonn a “speedy restoration process” regarding her injuries so that she can continue her outstanding skiing career and continuing to build her place in history that  she is so destined for.  And if any readers plan to hit the slopes soon after the snow stops on Saturday….enjoy those amazing upstate trails, stay warm and ski safely!!!

11/21/12 9:00am

Now that we have entered daylight savings time, we experience long dark days. Streetlights that are out or not functioning can make places feel scary. We were informed that the City of Newburgh pays a lease amount for every street light, whether it is lit or not. Fortunately Central Hudson has a form on their website where you can report problems with streetlights. Since it is a service that is being paid for regardless if it is functioning, it would be money wise to report as many streetlights out as possible. Click here for the link.

Image from flickr by David Reber