09/30/14 11:30am

15 Chambers After

Administrative Assistant and Special Projects Coordinator

The Newburgh Community Land Bank is seeking a dynamic professional to serve as an administrative assistant and special projects coordinator on a part time basis (20 hours/wk).  This individual will help with the day to day operations of the Land Bank and assist with new projects as they arise.


The administrative responsibilities include:

  • Answering the Land Bank’s main phone line and responding to general inquiries about the Land Bank’s properties and programs
  • Explaining process and requirements for purchasing properties to potential buyers
  • Fielding comments and complaints about properties
  • Taking messages and assisting with scheduling
  • Assisting the director with sorting and responding to correspondence
  • Assisting the director in preparing materials for board meeting and other large group meetings
  • Assist with acquisition process—review parties’ qualifications, outreach to interested applicants, order titles and appraisals and other transactional documents, maintaining records appropriately
  • Data entry and routine maintenance of a property inventory database
  • Scheduling property tours and site inspections and coordinating with property management
  • Special projects duties may include assisting the director and project manager with:
  • Tracking costs and grants
  • Grant writing
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Land Bank website and social media
  • Community engagement
  • Research and reporting on best practices of land bank and similar initiatives
  • Other projects, as assigned and of interest to the individual


Be proficient with Microsoft Office; Excellent written and communication skills; Attention to detail and understanding complex processes; Professional demeanor and capacity to calmly and appropriately respond to resident and customer inquiries; Strong work ethic and interest in the Land Bank’s mission; Willing to learn new skills and respond to a dynamic environment. College degree, Spanish speaking and Newburgh residency are a plus.

To apply: Send a cover letter and resume to: mfletcher@newburghcommunitylandbank.org by October 10, 2014.  Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.


08/19/14 2:09pm


Architect Jeff Wilkinson has given us a slight glimpse into the future for two properties undergoing development in Newburgh; 13 Chambers and 197 Lander. Both properties were facilitated through the land bank. Today, 197 Lander is being developed by Toll Road Manor. This was pretty much a gut job, and you can see from the plans that façade repair is being made as well as salvaging what is in tact.


We have already looked at 15 Chambers which was completed last month. These rendering give us a chance to see what will be done with the property next door, 13 Chambers. One thing that we are glad to see is that a proper storefront will be restored back to the building. Currently it is bricked up. Visually, this will make great strides for this south section of the block boarded by Broadway and 1st.

Renderings © Jeff Wilkinson

08/07/14 7:30am

29 Chambers St - Old photo of Chambers St Larger - 1956cropperd 2

The Newburgh Land Bank has been a one woman show which has made it very difficult for director, Madeline Fletcher to carry out all the plans the land bank has. However, with the help of another part-time Newburgh resident, a new website has been launched using the photo above as their welcome wallpaper. It shows Chamber Street before the majority of these buildings were torn down. Currently it is the parking lot for the DMV. However, you can see 29 Chambers (the Newburgh Veterinary Hospital) peeking out on the right. Click here to see this street today.

On the website you can see a current list of the land bank’s inventory and details of projects. Eventually more photos and details will be added for other properties.

Whether or not you are a fan of the land bank, you have to agree, the photo above is striking. A cute wooden garage and beautiful Gothic building were torn down, and that’s just one street. Imagine all the other architecturally significant buildings in Newburgh that we never got to see, gone forever. Hopefully the land bank can save 183 and 185 First Street that seem close to also being just a memory in a photo.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 5.09.37 PM

08/04/14 7:30am

Newburgh Land Bank Rendering

At the recent press conference held on Friday in front of 28 Lander Street, the Newburgh Land Bank and state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced 25 homes that will be targeted for rehabilitation and an additional $20 million dollar grant to be awarded to NY land banks in October. Properties bounded by Broadway, First, Liberty Street and Dubois Street  are a part of the revitalization plan. One of the buildings on Lander Street will be developed into workforce housing creating 20 rental units.  The land bank also will create single family homes and opportunities for homeownership.

The rendering above was created by the Newburgh Land Bank’s new project manager especially for the press conference. It is only a concept, not an actual plan.

07/24/14 12:14pm

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 12.06.21 PM

The Land Bank is moving right along with plans to develop 13 & 15 Chambers Street. Their main offices at 15 Chambers are almost done, and now they are seeking a developer to complete 13. Here is the official announcement which can be seen in its entirety on the website:

The Renovation of 13 Chambers Street comprises the second phase of the renovation of 13-15 Chambers Street. The Phase Two project comprises the renovation of the former Brutus Hodge Funeral Home, which is a 4-story wood and masonry apartment building, into renovated apartments over the ground floor commercial apace.



Bids shall be submitted in a sealed, opaque envelope clearly marked with the name of the Bidder, the name of the project bid upon, and shall be addressed to:

Newburgh Community Land Bank
Attn: Madeline Fletcher, Executive Director
P.O. Box 152 Newburgh, NY 12550

Bids shall be delivered to the above address or sent via email

To: mfletcher@newburghcommunitylandbank.org no later than:

12:00 noon, August 13, 2013


Copies of the Bidding Documents may be obtained from:

178 Main Street.
Beacon, NY 12508
Ph: 845-838-9763

Copies of the Bid Documents can be obtained at a cost of $75 per set or upon request by the potential Bidder may be sent free of charge via e-mail. All queries and questions shall be directed to the office of the Architect, Jeff Wilkinson, R.A., 178 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508, Ph: 845-838-9763 Email: jawil@earthlink.net

-Image via Google Maps

06/17/14 12:22pm


Today WNYC News highlighted the efforts of the Newburgh Land Bank with their article titled, After the Crash, Banks Paid Billions. Where’d it All Go? The article comes out on the heels of a new decision made in Albany to double the amount of land banks in New York State.

The Newburgh Land Bank is focusing on streets that radiate north of Broadway: Lander, Chambers etc, of which, 25% of properties are vacant. Don’t just read the article, listen to the audio as there are more details. They are hoping to make this area the poster child for change that a land bank can bring about to a neighborhood, block by block. Already the land bank has sold a large apartment building on northern Lander that is being rehabilitated as well as a church and, are looking to stabilize the roof of a defunct dog pound to an interested buyer who would not be able to fix the collapsed roof themselves. Fortunately, they are looking to save many buildings instead of looking at demolition, something these streets have seen too much of already.

Photo © Ilya Marritz