New Website For Newburgh Land Bank

29 Chambers St - Old photo of Chambers St Larger - 1956cropperd 2

The Newburgh Land Bank has been a one woman show which has made it very difficult for director, Madeline Fletcher to carry out all the plans the land bank has. However, with the help of another part-time Newburgh resident, a new website has been launched using the photo above as their welcome wallpaper. It shows Chamber Street before the majority of these buildings were torn down. Currently it is the parking lot for the DMV. However, you can see 29 Chambers (the Newburgh Veterinary Hospital) peeking out on the right. Click here to see this street today.

On the website you can see a current list of the land bank’s inventory and details of projects. Eventually more photos and details will be added for other properties.

Whether or not you are a fan of the land bank, you have to agree, the photo above is striking. A cute wooden garage and beautiful Gothic building were torn down, and that’s just one street. Imagine all the other architecturally significant buildings in Newburgh that we never got to see, gone forever. Hopefully the land bank can save 183 and 185 First Street that seem close to also being just a memory in a photo.

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  • Cher, you’re right. It is a striking picture. Of all the buildings shown in the older picture, the one that’s still standing is the one to scrap; it is soul-less, just a brick facade with absolutely no interesting architectural features. But the other five that are gone, all had some interesting elements and are gone for good. That’s Newburgh alright!

    • I think the dog pound is still a cool building…and there is a potential buyer lined up, so it might become an art studio in the near future. It’s quirky and has a cool history, but I get what you are saying. The building next door was amazing. Not too many Gothic buildings in Newburgh that are left.