Home Renovation Adventures: 1 Edward Update, Building New Walls


It’s been a while since we have gotten updates from 1 Edward of the progress of the collapsed roof and north wall. We are happy to report that new walls are being constructed and progress is moving along much faster now. The owner reports that once the wall is up, the contractor will then hoist trusses and line them up with the roof. Then a new roof, roof deck, and stair case to the roof will be added. Hopefully this will be completed in the month of August. Once that roof deck is installed they will have some of the best Hudson River views in all of Newburgh.


Do you remember what it looked like before? Here are some of the last clean up images we were sent. Scary indeed. If you’d like to see the progress of this project, follow the links below:

1 Edward Warehouse with Collapsed Roof has SOLD
Home Renovation Adventures: Removing a Collapsed Mega-Roof by Hand
Home Renovation Adventures: Debris Cleared at 1 Edward

Have your own home renovation adventures in the City of Newburgh that you would like to share? Your own before and after? Email me!



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  • Awesome. Thanks for posting the pics Cher, the multiple views help put the project into perspective.
    Is there an expose’ in the future? Maybe HV Home can get over its bias and do a cover story on 1 Edward St. NEWBURGH, the City Of.

    • Thanks Walt. The owners are so great at keeping NR in the loop and wanting to share with others. Once a proper roof is installed and main fixtures are put into place, I hope to get the attention of various publications…with the owners consent of course.

      • We will be more than happy to share anything about bldg restoration only if we get to see wall & roof getting restored. The progress has been so slow & literally painful.
        Now, we might not be able to move in before Christmas.
        Real sad……

  • Good to see more work being done. I guess from street level its hard to see what is happening sometimes. I was afraid that they had stopped working on this building. From the pictures i have much better feel for the work that must have been going on. My views of the building when I see it are from the right side of the photos. The side that is intact and from street level looking up all one see is the sky through the windows on that side.