Newburgh is for Lovers

Newburgh is known for its river views, natural surroundings and historical buildings. So when new Newburgh resident and photographer, Joshua Brown suggested a Connecticut couple come to the city for their engagement photos, they were up for the idea. The result was romantic pictures depicting the beautiful scenery Newburgh has to offer.

Joshua is also interested in photographing Newburgh’s edgier and urban side as a backdrop for his work. He says, “photographically its all about textures and color that small urban environments can provide. NYC obviously has a lot of options as well, but a lot of it has been scrubbed a little too clean at this point. Newburgh has so much visual variety packed into a relatively small area. I’m looking forward to exploring every bit of it.” If you are interested in hiring Joshua Brown you may contact him via his website, or email:

Below are some of our favorite shots taken out and about in Newburgh.

All photos © Joshua Brown

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  • Nice photos! We’ve had three couples from the New York City metro area stay in our Airbnb room- in the heart of the City of Newburgh- for their anniversary. The first request was surprising, but they all had a fabulous time. The last couple wrote about their experience on their blog. Newburgh IS for lovers…

  • Sp glad to hear someone finally bringing back the beauty in newburgh. Be sure to add more places of interest. You did an outstanding job!!