06/29/19 5:00pm

Saturday, June 29, 2019
7:00 PM 8:30 PM
Join us for the second of a monthly reading series to take place in the Gallery at Atlas

Press Fair and Cocktail Party 5-7PM

Readings at 7PM

Atlas Studios and its Spring Street Reading Series present an evening with four unique Hudson Valley Presses. Editors and Publishers from Conjunctions, Off the Grid Press, Slapering Hol Press, and Thornwillow Press will describe their projects and introduce a representative poet. There will be readings from books published by the presses. Readers are: Martine Bellen, Rebecca Doverspike, Elizabeth Murphy, and Colonel David Harper. Conversations among the participants and with the audience will follow.

Committed to supporting the exciting arts scene in Newburgh, Atlas Studios is happy to to provide a venue for a growing literary arts culture in the Hudson Valley. This spring Atlas presents a new series of literary events. Spring Street Reading Series gathers together distinguished writers from the Hudson Valley and counterparts from outside the region. Each evening during this first season is organized around a specific topic. The Readings are intended to provoke meaningful conversation among writers that then open out to include the audiences.

Curated by Ruth Danon

01/20/18 12:00pm

iPhoto-rapide Newburgh is series of photographs dedicated to the people of the diverse neighborhoods on or near Broadway who have collaborated with Deschamps to create intimate portraits. The photographer offers free photographs produced on the spot with a portable digital printer and often returns later with larger prints. The photographs evoke the admiration of the photographer for the strength and resolve of the people of Newburgh.
On Saturday January 20, from 12-3pm, the photographer will make portraits of local residents and give the free photographs to the subjects on the spot. Dress for the occasion or bring your own props/photos/cherished objects

10/22/17 2:00pm

The NPA is excited to kick off our new Showcase of Third-Generation businesses on Sunday, October 22 from 2-4 at the Newburgh Free Library Auditorium. Come join John and Gus Courtsunis and Kristopher Mountain of Newburgh’s exquisite chocolate shop (since 1935!), the COMMODORE, who will share the story of three generations of DECADENT DELIGHTS, as well as their FUTURE VISION FOR THE BROADWAY business district!

08/10/17 4:00pm

Monthly pick-up for Grass + Grit Farm’s Summer Meat Share and Summer Egg Share.

Grass + Grit Farm produces a diverse selection of healthy, delicious, and responsibly raised meat and eggs in New Paltz, NY. We set a high bar for animal welfare, prioritizing our animals’ need to express their natural instincts while protecting and improving the soil, water, and surrounding ecology of the farm.

We offer our products through a Summer Egg Share, Summer Meat Share (sold out for 2017), and Winter Meat + Egg Share (details coming soon).

Pro-rated Summer Egg Shares are available.

Visit our website to learn more about our farm: www.grassgritfarm.com

05/28/09 4:00pm

Ok, not that I am into reality TV shows or anything of the like….but guess what reality star was in Newburgh over memorial day weekend at 26 Front Street in Newburgh???? I’ll give you a hint…..he and his wife have 8 kids:


Maybe he thought Newburgh was the last place on earth he’d be recognized? Darn paparazzi.