Before and After: 97 and 99 Liberty Street

If you don’t remember Newburgh before the days of Caffé Macchiato, this before and after post is really a treat. Take a close look and you will see that this building was a shell in the late 90’s. The squares in the windows are see-through, and the brick all along the left side is totally missing. Had it been left untouched it probably would have been slated for demolition or collapsed on its own. It was in the exact state the Clinton Hotel is in now which, is just around the corner.

Eventually two business partners decided to restore the building. When Michael Gabor found out that 97 & 99 Liberty were going to be restored, he decided to buy 95 Liberty and restore it as well. Today, these restored beauties are prime real estate facing Newburgh’s historic Washington’s Headquarters. Later on, Michael decided to sell 95 Liberty to finance the start up of a new business, Newburgh Art Supply.

The moral of the story: restoration can be contagious and inspire some pretty incredible things. The Clinton Hotel is in the exact condition that the above buildings were in. There is no reason that it can not be restored today. Had 97 & 99 Liberty been torn down the entire feeling of Washington Market would be different. You just can’t recreate these buildings. Perhaps the restoration of the Clinton Hotel will spread the “restoration bug” as well.

Thank you Michael Gabor for the before and after photos.

Photos © Michael Gabor