Picture from the Past: 42 William Street

42 William St

Yesterday we took a look at the developments happening at 51 William Street. To make the past history of William Street more real, here is a look at 42 William Street that belongs to the City of Newburgh Archives. This is a photo that was taken in 1916 during a property appraisal. You can see the signs in the windows: “Max Skyer Meat and Poultry Market” “Pout Shoe Marker” and a store selling “Cigars, Tobacco and Candy, Stationery.” Perhaps the popular Newburgh post cards were sold there. This building survives today, but the building on the left did not make it. The building on the right did.

Many years ago William Street was a bustling business district serving the south side of Newburgh, including the west part of Washington Heights, according to city historian, Mary McTamaney. She said that her next-door neighbor, Albert Nadle, had a kosher butcher shop there, as his father had before him. Looking at the present condition of William Street is quite sad. Many buildings are abandoned or on the verge of collapsing. There is an organic make up of buildings on this street, with architecture varying from different decades. It is something that can not be replicated in brand new cities and definitely worth saving. There are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs looking for spaces for their growing businesses.

Mrs. McTamaney also noted that many more of these old 1916 sepias have strayed because of people taking them for their own private use. However, the photos would be welcomed back for future researchers to learn from. If you have any photos you would like to return contact Mary.

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– Photo from Google Maps

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