Rescue Me: 56 Chambers St

56 Chambers St Newburgh NY

56 Chambers Street has the potential to be a beautiful building. Until then, it sits vacant and crumbling. There apparently used to be two storefront spaces, one on the left and one on the right. It would be amazing if someone could buy this building and restore the commercial space so that people could walk to stores in Newburgh like the city was designed for.

If you need some inspiration for what this place could look like, check out this blog that shows before and after photos of a similar space.

The home is owned by someone who lives in Newburgh and bought the home for $1 according to Orange County Property records. There are approximately 700 abandoned and vacant buildings in the City of Newburgh. Inhabiting these buildings is vital to the revitalization of the city.

56 Chambers St Newburgh NY Google Map

One Comment

  • Here is another property bought for $1 and the owner is doing nothing to improve or to beautify it. The city should take it back and sell it to someone who will make good of it. If I had the opportunity to buy this building I promise it would not look like this. You would see the improvements little by little. With several homes being rehabbed on Chambers St, this rehab would improve that part of Chambers.