“A River of Opportunities” Press Conference to Attract Light Manufacturing to Newburgh


Taking place Wednesday, July 31 at 10am. Location, 11 Spring Street, Newburgh NY.

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  • I am a Realtor and business owner in Newburgh and it’s really a shame that these types of events are not well advertised. I knew nothing about this event, nothing in the news, no email to local brokers, nothing !!! These events need to be broadcasted to the movers and shakers in the community !!!! If it wasn’t for this blog many positive events and meetings that happen in Newburgh would go unheard of….what can be done to improve communication ???

    • Absolutely. And in enough time so those people on the city’s email list can forward to their lists! But, it is a start and a good one.

  • I agree with Mr. Ford there are many events that are not advertised aggressively as they should, this Newburgh Restoration blog keeps us updated with all the local events, news, etc. Great job, its a start apparently, city officials are slowly pulling their heads out their you know what! A river of much opportunity indeed!

  • See you there! I am a Real Estate Agent that does attend these events. I love to see all the great things happening in the city of Newburgh. Clients want this information to understand where the future lies for the city. Great things can happen when people come together with a positive attitude. Let’s work on getting out the word.

  • I would like to know more about the program, especially the detail of the abatement. The taxes are very, very high in Newburgh and many incentives I read about are for one+ year residences of the town itself. I have a light industry business, would like to employ residents so it this program has a true plan for what it mentions, I’d like a link or contact info please. Thank you.